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We believe that the real Canadian experience revolves around the iconic Canadian cooler. It’s the ultimate accessory for road trips and adventures. It’s the freedom to be on your own time and your own schedule. It’s a means to pack a picnic, take a hike and even start the day early and explore well into the twilight hours. It’s the treasure chest of gourmet meals on our adventure holidays and it’s the bounty of treats and snacks on our small group tours.

The Canadian cooler is independence and freedom from restaurants and high priced menus and it’s being able to reach for cold water after a summer’s hike. It’s fresh fruit that you’ve bought at a fruit stand or even a chilled bottle of Chablis to pair with the Canadian cheese and bakery items.
This is Kanata’s Canada. It’s reflective of our philosophy of what it is to explore, discover and adventure with freedom. It is stepping off the beaten path and finding vistas that take your breath away. Our Canada is found on lakes and rivers, in camp- grounds and on secluded sandy beaches that sparkle in the sunlight while whales breech in Brighton Sound.


For over 30 years, we have been known as Canada’s Adventure Specialist. We are the “go to” people for AH-mazing experiences and adventures. As the years have progressed, we’ve expanded our services to include:

  • FIT Adventure Tour
  • FIT Self Drive Tours
  • Small Group Tours
  • Original Holidays Tours

We are committed to a quality, client experience and our track record reflects that commitment. All of our products express the real and unique Canadian spirit that exists. Our departures are guaranteed. We stand behind our word. Our products will give guests a passion for Canada that we hope inspires them to visit again and again.I invite you to share in our adventures and our specialty tours and services but I would also like to invite you to become a partner with us in Canada. We want you to know that as a partner, we are also a friend who can be trusted and counted on to deliver that perfect Canadian experience.

Go for the Kanata experience—it’s pretty Kool.
Yours in adventure and discovery,
Andy Schwaiger
President  250.674.2774 Kanata logo



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